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The world has marked One Billion Instagram user’s across the globe in June 2020. Almost an eighth of the world community is using it and these numbers are getting peak day after day. Despite this huge number, only the number of advertisers in markets is two million. According to a survey conducted by Statista, Approx. 250 million Instagrammers visit one Business Profile daily. 60% of them do it to find new products and more than 90% of accounts follow a business account on Instagram. The market has a lot of potential for anybody looking to try his luck as an Instagram marketing agent in Pakistan.

These numbers are very less than demand. Nowadays as new marketing ways are emerging; Instagram plays a key role in social media marketing. Like the world in Pakistan Instagram is becoming a core hub of advertising. According to Stat Counter, In Pakistan, around 0.47% of people are connected with Instagram until July 2020. In Pakistan, Instagram is being used in advertisements, product marketing, job hiring, etc. Among all this one of the influential features, Instagram is used for selling products.



1. Defining your specialized niche that sells

If you don’t want to outsource an Instagram marketing agent in Pakistan then you need to consider some important factors to do it yourself. The eye-catching feature of Instagram is that people got things they usually care about. For the Pakistani industry using Instagram, products are sold aesthetically. Common sorts of niches are digital products, physical products, and other business ideas.

  • digital product includes (Graphic designs, Web development, etc)
  • The physical product includes(T-shirt, makeup products, hoodies, etc)
  • Other business ideas include(Coaching, Online teaching, health & fitness, etc)

Thinking out of the box is not an issue in the Pakistani industry until you are passionate about your work. Because the Pakistani business industry needs new horizons to be explored. You should be specific and narrow in your niche. The narrower your niche is the more customers you attract and sell your product. The backbone of getting clients with a niche is to create engaging content and compelling story.

2. Create client fetching content

Having 8 million users in Pakistan and everyone is trying to be superior to others, how do you make your content unique?

Being consistent and delivering high-quality content is the key to your questions. Quality brings authenticity and a unique look to your product. The more consistent you are in presenting new content the more your graph goes upward. Little tips are given below to create engaging content on Instagram:

Create an aesthetic theme

Theme delights customers to look into the product. The more delightful theme, the more customers you get. The theme is the voice of the brand. Instagram also helps the users to give a filtered look to their products.

Create client-driven photos and videos

Don’t use blurred images and shaky videos for your products. There is a complete synchronization between the products and the photos. Your photos should directly deliver your message.

Usage of content creation tools

Instagram allows creative tools like Boomerang, Hyper lapse, and Layout tools to add texture. These tools help in enhancing the content look. Multiple photos and videos can be added in a single post.

Ask quizzes, Q/A for feedback

Taking audience poll adds positivity and client interest in products. Engage clients in the product by this-or-that feature. It helps the client and also the producer to create a new framework.

Stay connected with followers

Stay connected with your followers and respond to their queries as soon as possible. Responding quickly increase customer trust.

3. Make the best use of Instagram stories

The most prominent and idealistic features of marketing on Instagram are stories. Instagram stories are the core of marketing for advertisers. Stories help marketers to grow business on a bigger scale. Following are the tips that can be used for Instagram stories:

  • Capture the product in use
  • Go behind the scenes and display the manufacturing of products
  • Give discounts on products
  • Feature new arrivals at the top

All business stories have the swipe-up option that links to the website. Linkage of stories with a website is a great way of increasing traffic on the website.

4. Maximize Instagram advertising

Instagram advertising plays a crucial role in bringing more traffic. In Pakistani local industry add campaigns promote sponsored content, which hit the desired mark to attract customers. The campaign should be of a specific objective to obtain.

Whether by campaign you want to raise awareness of your brand among people or you want Instagrammers to purchase your product?

Before posting ads on Instagram do research first about your campaign. Whom they are competing? What are the preliminary targets to get clients in local markets, etc? These questions need to be answered to excel in the market.

5. Encounter by affiliate marketing

On the counter to advertising, Affiliate Marketing is more at the pace of promoting products on Instagram in the Pakistani industry. By promoting brand products to your followers. Affiliate marketing is an easy catch for promoting products in the local industry. Unlike western countries was Amazon there are multiple niches in a single platform with cut out from price. In Pakistan, affiliate marketing is connected to one domain. Beauty products are at the top. Promo codes are used to give discounts on products.

6. Instagram new eCom hub

Instagram marketing agents in Pakistan are aware of the power of the established eCom platforms however they are anticipating a rise in sales via this social media platform. Selling products online tends people to quit jobs and become a successful business owner. Instagram in Pakistan is a new eCommerce agent for online shopping. People from all across Pakistan do online shopping by connecting to Instagram.

Daraz, Ali express, the, etc popular brand are using Instagram for eCommerce business. Two sisters from Islamabad started this business a few years ago, where they sold really cute stationery pieces that are not commonly available in the market. Soon, their business picked up because no one was selling this kind of stationery in Pakistan before.

7. Brand and products shootout

Brands Instagram influencers through product shootouts, help in encouraging their business. In the local industry, Instagram influencers daily give a shoot to one or two particular products. This is an easy way to take customers and have an impact on the market.

Influencers of any size can give shootouts based on the results a client is looking for. Again, you have to measure your average engagement, reach, and impressions on a post to determine the price of that one shootout. Making contracts with influencers will cost you more. In start people just take one photo just for stories.

8. Writing product reviews

Like the world, In Pakistan trending Instagram celebrities receive mails for promotions of their products. Visiting of bloggers and posting photos of products on Instagram not only publicize the product also raise the earning level of investors. Several niches are present, but on top two are always trending on Instagram like the food and IT industry. Content creators are hired to highlight the product review as much as they can. Product review plays a vital role in selling the product. Product reviews can be in the form of photos, IGTV videos, or short videos.

9. Ad placement

Ad placement on Instagram is much important as publishing on other social media platforms. The ad raises traffic level towards you. World-famous influencers like Lilly Singh, Casey Neistat, and even celebs use their Instagram feed to place ads for brands. Make sure to create a compelling ad copy that converts.

 However, Instagram wants every influencer to remain transparent. Now, you have to write #ad with every sponsored post. With Ad placements, you can set a standard budget and manage your rates according to the posts, etc.

10. Promotions

Digital magazine accounts like Ebuzz, etc can promote a post on your behalf for a certain amount. These accounts are followed by the celebrities of the country, so you have more chances of reaching your target audience.

Lifestyle blogs and entertainment do very well on Instagram be it clothes, food, or fitness.

11. Bringing your talent and hobbies to the limelight

Being passionate about your hobbies and talent is a good sign where ever you are. Bring your hobby or talent to the work not only excels you but also resonates with your nature. Instagram profile owners can make money by marketing their services on their profile. Since services can’t be shown properly on a post or video, you can take help from good content to highlight your best selling points.                                                                    

12. Selling your account

It is true; you can buy Instagram accounts with thousands of followers! Many people have turned this habit into a normal money-making practice now. They curate an account to attract organic followers and then sell the account to someone willing to pay a good price.

However, there are some standard operating practices when buying or selling an Instagram account:

  • Meet the page owner/buyer in-person to know them better and then decide if you want to go through with buying or selling.
  • If you cannot meet the person due to geographical or any other reasons, you should see their national identity card number or any other valid ID.

It is the world of digital marketing, so a well-maintained account with original followers may be of immense value to someone. Make sure you are doing everything right before going ahead with account ownership because once you make the decision you cannot go back.


Instagram marketing agents are aware of the fact that the Pakistani local industry Instagram has far more impact on marketing than it would be imagined. Product shootouts, Affiliate marketing, Ads not only provide ease to marketers but also give ease to customers. Instagram is now a new market hub.

To excel in the Pakistani local industry you should be connected with Instagram. But you should also think that a single connection is not enough.  Your Instagram should work as a bridge to other social media accounts or platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter profile, etc. Replying to followers is an excellent way of interacting and having trust in your product.


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