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As the world market is getting tougher day by day.

Nowadays it is not easy to sneak in and make fame overnight.

A lot of marketing strategies are needed to get a solid foundation.

In which social media play a vital role to win the game.

Without using social advertisements you barely exist in today’s market.

For this continuous effort and consistency are needed to grab credible clients.

And social media ads will make your way easier to get them.

Writing and publishing legit and fine social media ads need practice and art.

The answer to all these questioners’ lies with 10 healthy tips that help you in writing social media ad copy that converts.  

1.Give Something New

Don’t be in the queue! Be a game-changer!                                                                                           

Clients get bored when they see casual stuff everywhere, they are in search of something new.                                                                                                                     

Hit them with something new and exciting product or service that would make their life easier and resolve daily problems.                                                                    

Present your product elegantly and eye-catching by social media ads to grab the eyes of customers.                                                                                                                   

Add questioners to get reader attention.                                                                     

What problems they are facing?                                                                                                    

How this product will resolve their problem?

2.Use Benefit Driven Language

Use benefit-driven language at a deeper level.                                                                                                            

Explain the benefits of your product in a client-driven manner.                                                                           

Hit all the spots that would help in getting their issue resolved.                                                          

Like for instance: We will give you an analysis that help you optimize Facebook

Ads campaigns that will help you in getting more credible customers at a cheaper price.                                                          First, focus on big matters and then explain the smaller chunks and how they will resolve their issue.

3.Knowing your Target Audience

You must know your target audience.

Whom you are targeting!

Your Ad copy should hit the mark.

It should be totally client-specific and relevant.

When you’re brainstorming ad copy for social media marketing platforms, consider thinking of applying on yourself.

As this will help you in getting the client’s minds.

Think about the kind of ads that capture your interest and make you want to get those items.

For Instance, take a look at a few examples:

  • We will help you to get more patients into your practice.
  • We will help you to get more patients to your dental chair.

The first one is generally related to new medical students whereas the second one only relates to dental doctors.

The second ad copy only advertises dental doctors that it brings dental chairs.

So always make sure your ad copy should hit your target audience.

4.Make Your Ad Copy Sound Conversational

Social media Ads is an interactive way to connect with your customers.

Don’t make your copy loud or random.

Your Ad copy should be conversational.

It should be straight and clear that must deliver your message.

How your product would help in real life.

Customers consider long conversational Ad copy more than legit rather than Ad Copy with short-handing and few bullets.

5.Defining Direction

Your Ad Copy should give readers some direction.

Ad Copy should help customers in getting products and services for which they are searching.

Using CTA call to action will grab their attention then it is easy to go.

Phrases like “Shop Here” or “Learn More” guide customers on how to connect with you.

Shop Here or Learn More should have little information.

They should drive customers to your landing page.

And once you get customers to your page it is easy to get credible clients.

6.Don’t make Ad about your Company

Ads should be about the clients not about you.

You are not the hero of the story, your clients are.

Ads should not about your company’s worth and values.

It should customer-specific and must relate to resolving customer’s issues.

7.  Short but Brief Sentences

Traditional marketing strategies focus on long and descriptive sentences.

But social media ads should not be descriptive.

They should be concise and brief in words.

People on social media don’t read tons of details, the product with tons of details on social media fails.

Your goal is to raise client interest in your product and wanted to click on the product to read more about it.

8.  Use Attention-Grabbing Words

Use attention-grabbing words in your context.

Attention-grabbing words would possibly be “New”, “Now”, “Exclusively”, “Instantly”, and “Ad-free”.

They will create curiosity in your reader’s minds.

9.  Use Emotional Triggers

In order to grab any person’s mind, you have to trigger the emotional button.

The same is the case with clients too.

Use emotional triggers sentences in your context.

These are like “Don’t Miss Out”, “We Understand”, “I was in your Shoes”, “Don’t you hate it when”, “If I Knew Back Then What I Know Now”, and “If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now”.

All these phrases would trigger emotions and make your client take action.

10.  Altering your Content

Alter your content with the passage of time.

Use the method of “Split testing”.

Split testing means upgrading your website using random experiments.

In social media ad copy, you make new ads, changing the texture of the original one, changing the font, etc.

This will help you in getting a more refined form of your website.

And if you have enough time to work on then make two different versions of the existing one and then split test them then you will come up in forming an excellent copy.

Pro-Tip: Connect with Professionals

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Connect to UZ Ads, Marketing issues no problem.


Presenting images or videos is not enough to control social media.

Ad copy is the tiebreaker simply you can say.

It can make you or break you.

Ad copy grabs the social media user’s attention to stop doing random scrolling and forces them to read your content.

Lastly, don’t waste their time give them worthwhile so that keep coming back.



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